Monday, December 31, 2012

A nice manly-man card from Anne Wittman in the Papercraft group swap.  Thnaks, Anne. 12/2012
I was not able to send, but an angel from the group did for me.  Not sure who it was. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

A lovely RAK card from Anne Wittman, she is in two groups I am in.   Cardcraft and Papercraft.  The card is a get well card.  Never thought abuot using rick-rack, good idea.   On the inside is stenciled "Get Whale Soon".     Thank you, Anne.     12/2012
An Act of Kindness from Leida Flores in the Papercraft group.   The ladies on my groups really can make you feel better.    Sorry it got crunched  in the mail, but it is still perfect to me.  Thanks, Leida  12/2012
The Yellow Rose of Texas.   This a card made by Betty Wright in New Zealand.   Lovely card and I do thank you very much.  It was for the ATG swap on Papercraft group.   Dec. 2012
I don't usually post store bought cards , but this one I had to.  It is from my daughter, Sherry.  It is by Burgoyne.  I just think it is a beautiful card and a treasure to keep. Thank you, my you!   12/2012
Another Act of Kindness, this one from Barb Ewald, from the Stitchacard group.  Love the pattern.  Very pretty, Barb and thanks a lot, it means so much to me.  Dec 2012  
This picture was taken by Lyn Christian in Ky.   And I admired it very much, since I love wolves.   She was kind enough to send me a card with the picture.   Isn't it a great photo?   She sent it becasue she cares.  No swaps, just kindness.   Thank you very much, Lyn, I really do appreciate it.  Lyn is owner of the Papercraft group.   12/2012

Three Christmas cards I made for family.   Had hoped to make more, unable to this year.   Dec. 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pre-made card for a baby. And it goes to our newest neighbor upstairs.  He will also get a crochet blanket I made.   12/12 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Isn't this a sweet card!    Thanks from Betty Wright from New Zealand.   It is for the Free style swap on the Card Craft group.   Rec'd 12/12.   Thanks, Betty. 

Not to expect anything less from Gillian but a beautiful card.   For the "Y" swap in Card Craft group.  Rec;d 12/12.  The yellow in the real card is much better.  Thank you, Gillian.   

Monday, December 3, 2012

A really beautiful card hand made by Trish Davey in Australia.   Free Style for the Card Craft group for Nove, 2012 .   Thank you, Trish.