Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Trish Davey passed away about 10 days ago. Not sure why, don't want to know really. Just that she is gone. All her lovely cards that she left behind. Her family, her husband, her children and grandchildren. It is so unreal that she is gone from our lives. we all pray for you, Trish. God Bless You. And may you R.I.P.

This is the prettiest card ever. It is from Sheryl Howarth. And this print does not do it justice at all. First off it is made like  mini book. The inside is what is so pretty.  In the center isle is a plastic folder that has a more flowers pasted to it. The left side is also with flowers. Then on right side of cover is a gold trim to finish it.
Sheryl had made one earlier in the year for her parent's 65th anniversary.   And I feel special to have rec'd this one so much like theirs.
Oh by the way, it is for the ANY STYLE swap for July in the Papercraft group.