Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today's thoughts

Running a little low on energy, maybe lack of a good night's sleep.  Thanks to our darling little Bandit.  But moving on...... I have some cardmaking techniques I want to learn.
1. Iris Folding.  Strips of paper mish/mashed together to form a beautiful layered look.
2. Zentangle.  Similier to doodling but not.  Much more perfected and more in a pattern effect.
3. Paper Rose Folding.  Looks simple, but beauty is never simple.   Thanks, Lorna for the help.

I will focus on these three ways in the next few days.  And will post as I go....maybe.  Depending on the results. 
My favorite is embroidering cards, but the needle punching is hard oin my eyes. TeaBags I can do, although not as perfect as a few years ago, but  I like the looks.  I really think many of my ideas are out dated,  seems to be so much more advanced now days.  I started in the beginning along with many others and some where I missed the learning of all these new and beautiful techniques. 

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  1. If no one ever visits my blog it is ok, it is for my self encouragement.